Our Mission

Creating better Leadership

The mission of Viking Leaders is to create better leadership. With better leadership skills, each of us can maximize the joy of working together and succeeding in all situations and with different people.

Once you have learned the best methods of leadership, you will discover what you can do better. Good leadership is about leading different people. We all have different beliefs, fears, desires, and passions – we react differently and appreciate different things.

What happens when you manage to inspire people? What happens when you know how to treat people by combining responsibility, freedom, encouragement, and equality? In addition to better results, you will encounter people who are more energetic, more balanced, more committed, and accomplish more than ever before. There are only winners in the situation.

With our Viking Leaders game, anyone can become a successful leader.

Our Vision

Gamification is the answer for corporate training

There’s a huge boom about to happen in e-learning and simulation-based learning games. Corporate training needs are not only growing but also changing: there is more and more demand for different learning technologies that enable learning at your own pace, enhance deeper understanding and don’t require physical workshop attendance. New markets are forming, and our game is one of the top solutions in the change.

By now, we have validated our solution and launched the game platform, that is under constant iteration. At the moment our game provides valuable data and analysis to its users in cost-effective way – and there is more to come.

Our values

We are here to guide, to show and to support.

We don’t tell you the answers but help you to find them.

That is the point where the magic – real learning – happens.


Learn from your mistakes in the game, and make the right decisions in real life.


We are lighthearted, but our message and content is significant.


We are your guide, not a rulebook.


We are active in trying new methods and ideas to get better solutions.