This game is here to create better leadership

Nowadays we have loads of information how to become a great leader. ”Read this book, do this test, talk like this to your team members.” But who can keep all this information in mind in their everyday life? Well, not many.

That’s why we have developed a mobile game where Vikings lead you through different kinds of work-related challenges. It is based on modern leadership models, but that’s not the point. The point is, you learn by playing without actually studying.

Reading books or listening to a consult is not the most efficient way to learn the best leadership practices. It is not enough to memorize different leadership models – you have to take them into action. Only by making mistakes and by understanding your own reactions and choices you can release your whole competence as a leader. Hence, in our game you can simulate different leadership challenges in safe environment.

Take on the pre-made Journey or create custom challenges.
Get to know different personality types and leadership methods.
Reach the goal on each challenge.
You can check the replays to figure out where you did wrong.
Be the best leader you possibly can.

For all leaders

This mobile game supports you on leading and growing your business. In our game, you can simulate real-life situations of your team or organization and practice leadership theories in safe environment.

It clarifies where you are now, where you should go, and what kind of plan you should have. It is targeted to all organization levels, from team managers to CEOs.

Models we use

Our game is based on several models and on research. In the game, your goal is to get all the vikings aboard. To achieve this goal, you should understand which leadership actions to use in certain situations.


DISC profiles are used when creating teams in the game. Every viking represents different profile and will react on the base of it.


You will utilize Kotter’s theory about leading change when moving the vikings towards the ship.


You will find out, which leadership style is the most typical for you, but also which style would be the most useful within your team.


Leavitt’s Diamond model will help you to understand how each viking’s position and changes in the positions impact on the other vikings. If one viking moves closer to the ship, it also has an impact to the other ones – but not always a positive one.


By learning Lencioni’s theory, you will understand better why the vikings are not reacting in the way you would like them to react. Why one of them stays still and one goes even further away form the ship – meanwhile two of them are already abroad?

What kind of leader are you?

Are you a democratic leader like Nelson Mandela or maybe you prefer commanding style like Catherine the Great.
Try our game demo and find out your Leadership Style.

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